Partnering With Banks To Eliminate Transaction Fees

With no transaction fees, the app provides a free alternative to more traditional brick-and-mortar bank wires.

Downloading Zelle is quick and straightforward, and it’s available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

While there are options to both send and receive money, it’s quite evident that the app was designed primarily for large financial institutions to make traditional banking transactions easier for account holders like you and me.

The app delivers real-time notifications whenever money is successfully withdrawn or received, and it’s also simple and clean.

Biggest Features

  • 50+ Banks Currently Integrate With Zelle – Use the app with most major banks, and more banks are joining the ecosystem every day. For the sake of convenience, pay bills online, and it works with most accounts. From JP Morgan Chase and everybody in between, every large bank is processing payments with this app.
  • Transfer Money Directly To Contacts –The app requires only three steps for sending money directly to any of my contacts.
  • Easy Enrollment Directly From Select Debit Cards –Instead of the lengthy confirmation process that some other apps require when you decide to add a bank account, you can directly link your debit card for much faster confirmation.


  • The interface is very to use. The menus are simple, and the options are always clear. I’m never at a loss for how to navigate the app, and this saves me a lot of time. The interface makes it easy to get in, send money, and get on with the rest of my day.
  • The company behind this app is continuously developing new partnerships with credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions of all kinds. I haven’t ever had an account that was not compatible with the app, nor have I ever been able to find a bank that is not part of the ecosystem.
  • There are no transaction fees when sending money. This is one of the main reasons that you may want to download Zelle.


  • The app does not allow transfers less than $1.
  • Reports of security flaws in the design, and there’s also a growing sentiment that these issues need to be addressed. I have not any such problems, however.
  • Like all other mobile payment apps, you’ll need an active internet connection to send money. The app does not have much offline functionality.

Parting Thoughts

Even though Zelle might not have the notoriety and name-brand recognition that some of its competitors do, I believe that Zelle has more than enough benefits to hold its own. With a clean, no-frills interface, this app provides a quick and easy solution for digital payments in the United States and beyond.


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