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Zalo Video Call Description

Zalo is a new messaging app with millions of users that has instant notification from messages. It has the usual stickers and emoticons for messaging and even has the ability to find people nearby. There’s the Google+ and Facebook functionality as well. The app is also known for its strong degree of privacy between the caller and called. You can create group messages and you can send voice messages that help to isolate your voice so other noises from the outside don’t interrupt the message.

The user interface is simple to understand and pleasant to look at in general. As long as your calling over WiFi, the calls are also free. You can send messages to your friends while talking to them as well, which is a bonus. The split-screen functionality is intuitive to understand and use as well.

Zalo App Features

  • Communicate with All Media-You can send messages, stickers, photos in HD, voice messages, connect to video calls and just about everything else you can think of, all according to your preference.
  • Create Groups-You can connect to or create official group accounts in order to communicate with those who share your interests.
  • Find People Nearby-The app also allows you to locate people also using the app who are close to your current location, so it can also be a way to meet new people.

Zalo Pros

  • Completely Free – Similar apps charge you extra in order to use the app, but Zalo isn’t one of them.
  • Big Emoticon Database-You won’t ever lack for emoticons since Zalo has quite a few of them.
  • Integrations and Variety-You can connect to the usual social media accounts fairly easily, and Zalo is flexible in that you can use it in many different situations.

Zalo Cons

  • Connection-dependent-Zalo is only going to be as good as your Internet connection is. Many people have complained about the calls sometimes being a bit variable in quality, partly for this reason.

Why Should You Download Zalo?

You should download Zalo if you want a few ways to contact friends through just about all media options. For example, if you don’t really have time for a video call, the app will allow you to send a quick video message instead that they can view at a later date. Or, if you have even less time, then Zalo has all the basic messaging capabilities for text. Overall, it’s a solid free app that should be able to satisfy whatever messaging needs that you might have. It’s definitely worth a shot for just about anyone.


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