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Mobile App Review for YouVersion Bible

Life.Church is a remote software that helps churches encourage people with the Word of God online. This app prepares nothing except the Holy Bible. It is a remote community app that wants to steer people to Jesus Christ. They know not every follower of Jesus Christ will go to church every Sunday. Therefore, this app will allow everyone to maintain worshipping elsewhere. When the users download the bible app, they will be capable to watch live church sermons and download offline messages.

This free Holy Bible App has changed millions of lives and has not stopped sharing God’s Word to their viewers. Users have the option to forward messages, ask questions and also send a prayer request to the app. As for tithing, users can also tithe their money through the Giving Section of the app. This app for everyone who believes in God or wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. It is applicable to all ages as well as genders.

Features of the App

  • Remotely Watch Pastors’ Messages
  • Give Money To A Church.
  • Download Offline Messages
  • Send Prayer Request Remotely.
  • Invite Anyone You Want.


  • A Great Way To Participate In Prayer
  • Great Church Experience
  • Great Pastors With Solid Messages
  • Check Children In/Out Remotely
  • Receive God As Lord And Savior.


  • Doesn’t Accept All Payment Methods
  • Chrome Cast Randomly Appears
  • Live Video Does Freeze Up Every Now And Then
  • Require Internet about 80% Of The Time.
  • Tech Support Link Ends Up Showing Ads


I have used this mobile app for about one year and this app has been my backup in case I do not go to church on a Sunday. I embrace the messages that every Pastor delivers to their church. Whenever I am depressed or sad, the offline messages help me to regain my joy and aids me in worshipping God instead of people. I encourage my friends and family to download the app as much as I can. Many people that I associate with like for me to connect my phone to my TV and we all watch an online sermon through the TV.

The last thing that I can say about this app is it taught me how to learn God’s Word better and pray more efficiently. The app encourages me to pray at least twice a day and read the bible for at least ten minutes per day. I am extremely appreciative to be saved and learn more about the Father, the Son, and also the Holy Spirit without being present at a local church. If the app can do all these things for me and then some, then I suggest you download the app and check out the app for yourself. Learn more about God and don’t experience life in worry. Live life with faith, joy, and peace.


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