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This app is one of the most unique streaming services found. It is considered rather unique because it consists of videos of which most other applications that are similar do not. By downloading this app you have access to music that you hear on the radio, other social media sites, as well as on television. It is ranked number three in the app store for music downloads and offers millions of songs that can be found. This app can be used in English or 72 additional languages. There are also very reasonable in-app purchases that you can find and buy when you need something additional with your service. Although this application requires a subscription, it is still among the lowest price for application streaming services.

YouTube Music App Features

There are many features that come with downloading YouTube Music and they include:

  • Music and video availability.
  • Family sharing support.
  • Subscriptions and channels from the original site.
  • Allows for live streaming.
  • It contains connect and share options.

YouTube Music Pros

These are the most important pros for this app:

  • You will find that the Premium version is ad-free and faster.
  • Payments are through the iTunes account with this app.
  • You can share some of your friends’ favorite videos.

YouTube Music Cons

Here are some of the most important cons to highlight:

  • This application often works slowly unless on a Wi-Fi-enabled network that has a strong connection.
  • The users of this app often comment that there are too many large updates that come with the download.
  • Technical assistance is often very slow to respond about issues that are technical in nature and often require escalation in order to ultimately resolve the issue.

Take Advantage of This App With A Download

Music feeds your souls! It soothes you when you need comforting, and it excites you when you need to be energized. You can download YouTube Music because you are a lover of music or simply because you believe in the advancement of technology and understand how important this application is. You will enjoy hours upon hours of non-stop music that you can download straight to your phone and share it with other users. This app will help you find new music and locate old music too. It will connect you with people of all ages who also enjoy exploring music along with you.


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