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Mobile App Review for WesternUnion US Money Transfer

Western Union is a financial service that can be used as a banking institution. The service initially started over 160 years ago and has been ranked as the most divine global financial service in the world. They are known for quick money transfers, writing money orders, and also paying bills. The Western Union Headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. Despite the fact that its operational headquarters remain here in America, Western Union is well-known and reliable to over 50 countries. By 2007, that is when Western Union developed its professional mobile app. By 2018, Western Union has made about $5.6 billion in revenue and has over $9 billion in total assets. In addition, Western Union has hired over 12,000 employees.

The WesternUnion App is a dedicated app to send cash quickly to nearly anywhere on Earth. You can remotely deliver money out to almost anyone at any time. You can also earn Rewards Points just for utilizing their mobile service. In addition, the mobile app additionally has an affiliate program where you can earn quick cash just by referring someone to open a Western Union Account. You can treat this mobile app as a regular banking app except everything is through online banking.

Features of the App

  • Direct Deposit Included
  • Be Able To Pay Your Bills
  • Lookup And Track All Money Transactions
  • Lookup All Of The Western Union Locations
  • Add Your Debit And Credit Cards To Your Account.
  • Earn Points Just By Sending Or Receiving Money.
  • Login Touch ID Feature Included
  • Earn Quick Cash By Referring To Others.
  • Make Quick Money Transfers Anytime.


  • Never Glitches
  • Easy Way In Order To Send Money
  • Best Global Money Service Ever
  • All Money Transactions Are On Time
  • Works In Over 35 Different Languages
  • Customer Service Is Also Available 24/7
  • Setting Up An Account Is Not Frustrating
  • Download WesternUnion Without Paying A Dime


  • Charges High Fees
  • Can’t Use While Offline
  • Customer Service Can Be Rude At Times
  • Doesn’t Recognize All Payment Methods
  • Not Reliable For Outdated Mobile Devices
  • Scammers Take Advantage Of Money Transfers
  • App Crashes While In The Middle Of A Transaction
  • Will Cancel Active Money Transfers Without Notice

Final Summary

Individually, I have used this Western Mobile App For About 13 years. Ever since I first download WesternUnion, I rarely ever have a problem with sending out money to my family or to a friend who requires some money. I don’t use the mobile app to pay my bills, however, I do associate with some people that do pay their bills with this mobile app. The transaction fees are moderately high, but they pulled through almost every single time. I have dealt with scammers who would try to send me fake transactions through Western Union, but customer supports are calling me to confirm any unusual transactions which I believe is a good thing. Therefore, if you need a mobile app that will aid you in sending money out to your friends and family or vice versa, this mobile app would be great for you.


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