The Chat App Juggernaut From Chinese Company Tencent

As a completely free solution for communicating with your friends, family members, and work contacts, there’s no cost to download WeChat. Not only is the app available for Apple’s portfolio of mobile devices, but you can use the app on the Android operating system and Windows for mobile as well.

The app’s widespread appeal is due in part to its thoroughly designed encryption features, as this software is one of the only messaging apps to be given the TRUSTe certification. From the ability to scan QR codes to be able to make an international phone call straight from within the app, this piece of mobile messaging software provides a comprehensive solution for your real-time communication needs.


  • Four Different Ways To Chat
  • Instant Location Updates
  • Share Videos From Your Day With The 24-Hour Time Capsule Feature
  • High-Definition Video & Audio Chats
  • Thousands Of Emojis & Animations To Choose From
  • Extensive Third-Party Integrations
  • Integrated Gaming Straight From The App
  • Call Cell Phones & Landline Phones Without Leaving The App
  • Embedded Mobile Payments
  • Easy Language Translation For 20+ Worldwide Languages


  • The app has a much more extensive range of features than its competitors.
  • There is a very fast onboarding process, and signing up for the app is a smooth experience overall.
  • This mobile chat application is entirely free to use. There are no charges hidden in terms of service, and there are zero monthly subscription fees.
  • WeChat is more than just a text app. You can host and participate in voice calls and video calls.
  • Both iOS and Android can run this app, so the user base is very wide. Thus, you’ll be able to chat with anybody that has an iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphone, Google Pixel, or Chromebook. In addition, the app works on BlackBerry devices and Windows phones and tablets.
  • No e-mail address is required to sign-up. The only thing piece of information you need to provide to get an account is your mobile phone number, and doing this gives you access to every feature in the app.
  • There are no ads in the app. This is quite rare among free apps.
  • More than 1 Billion users are currently using the app each month.


  • You are not able to add unlimited contacts to the app.
  • You may find yourself using the application to communicate with both co-workers and personal contacts, and this can get a bit confusing.
  • The wide variety of functions and features may feel difficult to master at first. You might the learning curve to be a bit steeper than you’ve anticipated. Some users are able to adapt to using the app right away, while it takes more time for others to get comfortable.

A Few Concluding Thoughts On The WeChat App

If you use your phone for lots of texting, you’ll probably want to download WeChat. The app makes all kinds of communication much more affordable, and there are a wide variety of social features built right into the program.


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