About the Wattpad App

On Wattpad, anyone can publish a book. Aspiring writers from around the world post stories (called Wattpad books) of all genres for an audience of thousands to discover. Whether you like to write poetry or historical fiction, there are readers waiting for you. The app is highly interactive and community-centered, so writers get direct feedback from their readers through the comment system. This feature is great for writers who are looking to improve their craft through constructive criticism.

The Wattpad app also allows readers to customize their experience. Not only can they use a robust search feature to easily find the kind of books they want, but they also get recommendations based on what they have already read. Readers can save books for later using reading lists or download them to read offline using the library feature. While a book is open inside the app, readers can choose the font, text size, and background color of the page to ensure their experience is as comfortable as possible.

App Features


  • Read stories
  • Upload and edit stories
  • Send private messages
  • Post comments
  • Get recommendations
  • Save books to your reading list
  • Download books in order to read offline
  • Browse by genre
  • Search stories by title or author

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to publish a book
  • Thousands of books to read
  • Fast feedback from readers
  • Strong community
  • Free previews for paid content


  • Difficult in order to make money from books
  • Too many unfinished books
  • Prohibits certain types of content

Why You Should Download the Wattpad App

If you are interested in writing but do not want to publish a book through traditional means, you should download the Wattpad mobile app. Unlike with traditional publishers, writers are allowed to update Wattpad books chapter-by-chapter instead of submitting the entire story at once. Writers can also receive feedback from readers through Wattpad’s comment system.

If you are not a writer, but you read a lot and like to discover new authors across a variety of genres, Wattpad is for you. With thousands of books to choose from, you will not run out of reading material.


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