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Full Description of the App

The VLC media player is a useful and powerful app for cell phones. It can play nearly any video or audio file that is available to play. This open-source program is free without ads or other purchases. This is one of the most versatile multimedia players ever made we can play almost any media file on it. Download vlc media player it serves our media needs well.

Media Player’s Features

This media player has an impressive list of features the biggest of which is the wide variety of media files that can be accessed through it.

  • It plays just about any video and audio file there is.
  • Create and play playlists.
  • Selecting media files from phone’s directories, a local network, as well as online from multiple sites.
  • Saves a history of what has been played freezing repeats.
  • A set of highly detailed settings for app customization.
  • This app phase glass screen that was being used at closing.

Many of the categories on this list have smaller sub-features including some overlap. We have found many advantages to how these features work.

Pros of The Media Player

Any app that is worth the time and memory to download is going to have some positive things we can say about it. This app has an impressive list in this category.

  • This app is an all in one media playing app giving great flexibility.
  • Unlike some media apps, this app does not require a restart for a complete shutdown.
  • It gives you the option of selecting media files from cell phone folders.
  • Option of uploading the app in order to find all of the media files on the phone.
  • Set up playlists so if they have the same pattern as songs.
  • Select songs based on the artist as well as the album.
  • Has the ability for online streaming.
  • Because this app is open source it is completely free.
  • There is no attempt to get you to buy anything.
  • No ads to clog up the enjoyment of your music or video.

Overall, this is an excellent and highly functional app. We see it as an excellent app with which to replace other multimedia apps.

Cons of the Media Player

As with any program, this app does have some downsides, however.

  • This app is not as intuitive as it could be.
  • We have to look around a little bit figure out how to use it.
  • There were a few features with tutorials necessary.

No computer program is without its flaws, however, we have found the view this app has, to be tolerable.

The VLC media player show media player we will ever need our cell phones because it plays it all. Download vlc media player, this highly versatile media player easily supplies all of our media playing needs.


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