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A Review About Viber, The Best Online Communication Platform

Viber is among the leading communication apps that used my mobile number to identify me on the network and allowed me to communicate for free using VoIP. The application is available in windows phone, Android, Blackberry, and Android. Upon knowing about the app, I contacted my friends and asked them to download Viber and register their phone numbers. Afterward, I was set to enjoy free calls and group messaging with my allies. I was in a position to communicate freely, even with my buddies who were outside the country.

Registering with Viber is so simple. You have to download the application on your device, and you will be asked to put your phone number. After some minutes, you will receive a code via SMS that will help you in activating the account. The mobile number is then used to identify you in the vast user base. You are now set to go.

Features of the App

Blocking And Unblocking Numbers
The app allows you to block some of the numbers that you think are disturbing and not necessary to communicate with. It also allows you to unblock your friends who you might have blocked by bad luck. When you block someone, you will not be able to have one on one conversation with him or her.

Hide Status
There are some people on your contact list that you may not want them to view your status. You have the option of hiding your status from them. Because of this feature, it allowed me to enjoy more privacy.

Turn off Notifications
The app will be providing you with some notification son your phone. I found this disturbing, especially when I was at my workplace, there is a feature that allowed me to turn off notifications and worked comfortably.

Switch Between Conversations
Sometimes I could have a lot of conversations on my account and needed to change my catting rooms. The app allows me to change my chat rooms quickly without the need of me going back to the start page every time I would like to change my chat room.
These are some of the features of the application, but there are many more that gives you convenience when using the app.

Pros and Cons


  • There is no need to register an account with usernames and passwords because a mobile number is enough
  • Free video and voice calls as well as text messages
  • Enjoying group text messages
  • Cheap calling to mobile numbers and also landlines
  • Simple to operate the app
  • It has a version for laptops as well as desktop computers


  • Its popularity is decreasing
  • Does not offer private and secure communication


Personally, I have enjoyed all aspects of Viber communications, and I have also found it to be one of the best communication platforms that you should use. Download Viber and get to experience the exemplary Viber communications with all your friends and relatives across the world.


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