UPS Mobile App Description

This app allows you to log in to your account at UPS. After you download the UPS app, you can track UPS packages as they move on their way to your location. The app also lets you change the delivery date or switch the location to deliver to. It also allows you to get help in relation to packages that you’re shipping out through the company. For example, you can input the right information and then get estimations about how much it’s all going to cost and how long what you send will take to get to its destination.

You can even create your shipment right through the app and print out shipping labels if you so choose. There’s a tool in the app that makes it easy to figure out the dimensions of the package. Plus, you can hit a button to find the UPS location that’s closest to you.

App Features

  • UPS Locator – The app will bring you right to the location that’s nearest to you. You can then pack and ship your packages that you’ve prepared with the tools on the app. You can also pick up packages this way as well.
  • Measurement Tool – The app lets you figure out the dimensions of your package with a handy tool inside the application.
  • Alerts – Find out when your packages are coming in so you can be ready for them with timely alerts.

App Pros

  • All-inclusive – You can do everything in the app pretty much, from creating a delivery to measuring dimensions, buying shipping labels, and finding a location near you to send them. The app can guide you through the entire process.
  • Incoming Shipment Control – On the other side, the app makes it so you can see exactly where the packages coming to you are at any moment. You can fully control where they go and what date you want them to arrive right from the app as well.

App Cons

  • Communications Issues – There are sometimes problems with the driver’s getting the message if you change something last minute. This includes getting your package left at a specific UPS access point, for example.

Why You Should Download the UPS App

For those who love UPS and do everything with them for some kind of shipping business, or just because you need constant packages for some other reason, this app will work well. It allows you to handle everything on the go, so you could even change the delivery location if you suddenly needed to travel away from your home, as long as there was enough notice.


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