Good Management

The key to building a good relationship with your employees is knowing the what, why, when, and where. Ultipro is the essential app for that purpose. It lets you, the manager, access information. It lets the employee access important HR information, as well as communicate through the business, and request time off. It’s a key to connecting with the business as well as other employees.


  • Accessibility – you can access the app from anywhere
  • Ease – it is a very easy app to use
  • Timeliness – showing real-time updates

The Future of Administration

The Ultipro App is the definitive future of administration. It allows employees to navigate through their work-life with ease and perfect accessibility, on their PC or phone. When you download Ultipro you are accessing information from different sources, so that you are more aware of what is pertinent to your work information.

Administration tasks are easy with the Ultipro app. It makes life easier, helping you find the correct information on a timely basis. It has up to the minute data that is easily accessible while on the go. If you miss submitting your timecard, then there’s no need to worry. Ultipro is easy to open on your mobile device, allowing you to perform tasks essential in order to do the job.


  • Time Entry Interface – can be a bit slow
  • Options differ from online app- features such as viewing available PTO
  • Pay Stub Viewer – this can be clunky at times

As a manager, you may face difficult challenges on a day-to-day basis. However, imagine that Ultipro is your happy assistant, willing to do those tasks which may seem tedious at best. By freeing up your time, the app allows you to do what you’re meant to do: be a manager. Being a successful manager means time management, and nothing is more time consuming than ensuring the administrative tasks are taken care of. The app also allows you to ensure those tasks were done. Managers use the app to ensure their employees’ data is correct and timely. This makes for a happier employee and happy employees tend to be more productive.

As an employee, you can utilize the app to view all of your data in one single shot. This is monumental. You can rest assured you’re going to get paid for those long, hard hours you put in. You can access your files and make important changes to your data. In all, the app is one your stop shop for correct information.


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