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We are living in the age of “On Demand” which means that apps such as Terrarium TV are revolutionizing he way people access their favorite media! Through either your smart TV or Android device, Terrarium TV allows you to watch an extensive collection of movies and shows via stream or download!

In today’s busy world, few people have time to relax at a cinema or even sit around at home streaming a show for hours on end. Most media is now consumed through smart phones while people soak in their precious thirty minutes of free time sitting on the bus as they get to work. With such dynamic lives, people are in need of equally dynamic live tv apk for android apps that can take the place of old, clunky streaming services of the past.

Features of This Fantastic App Will Make You Flip!

Selection of Titles

If you are in search of a great free HD movies app, Terrarium TV has got you covered! The first thing you probably look for in an apk for media streaming is the selection of titles! Luckily, this app has put your needs first and aggregated the largest selection of popular movies and TV shows that you can find anywhere online! With this incredible apk you won’t have to worry about being stifled by a limited selection of shows, simply type in the title of virtually anything you want to watch and the app will pull it up for you! That means that whatever new movies your co-workers are talking about at the office can be at your fingertips as soon as your lunch break rolls around.

The latest, greatest titles at your fingertips!

Variable Speeds

The next thing you might be concerned about when it comes to your streaming service of choice is the speed. Lightning fast streams and downloads are at your fingertips with Terrarium TV, so you’ll never have to worry about that annoying buffering circle popping up in the middle of an intense scene! Additionally, you can select the picture quality that suits you! If you have a decent internet connection or unlimited data you can confidently stream in full 1080p HD! If your device or connection can’t handle 1080p don’t worry, you can still use the more palatable, but still crisp 720p.

Quality 720p or 1080p streams and downloads!

Languages for Days

Language is something that often gets overlooked, but can make or break a streaming service. What use is having access to all of your favorite shows if you can’t understand what they are saying? Terrarium TV offers shows and movies in a whole host of language dubs or multi-language subtitles. Never miss out on a show because of the language barrier again!

Online and Offline Use

One of the most important things to look for in a free HD movies app is whether or not you will have offline access to the media. While streaming is a great option, there are several reasons why you might want to download a movie for offline viewing. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you might want to download a movie on WiFi, then watch it on the go from your Android device without using up that precious data. Alternatively, you might simply fall in love with a show or movie and want to have access to it at all times! So, whether you are looking for a live TV apk for Android, or a downloading platform for the latest films and TV shows, Terrarium TV is the best option on the market!

Crisp and intuitive layout to help you find your favorite movies!

Available on Most Devices

Whether you are using a smart TV, a Fire Stick or your handheld Android device, Terrarium TV is there to satiate your growing media needs. Unfortunately, the app is currently not available on iOS, but that may be changing in the near future, so keep on the look out for new developments!

Terrarium TV is the most convenient way to watch free movies, both online and offline! What are you waiting for? Just take a look at this full list of astounding features if you aren’t already convinced!

  • Support for Android TV and TV Box
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick compatible
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface
  • FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p) sources
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • Multi-Option Sorting
  • Mark Watched Episodes with One Click
  • Easy Player Switch
  • Fast servers
  • 50+ 4K movies
  • New Episode Notification
  • Downloading option to watch Offline
  • Easy to Explore TV Shows’ Seasons
  • Compatible with MX Player and VLC Media Player on PC


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