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Telegram messenger is a unique app that takes group messaging to a whole different level. I was told to download telegram when it first came out, but I avoided it because of the reason I was given. Now, I regret that I waited a few years before actually getting the app because it had not disappointed yet.

With this app, you can communicate as a group, where multiple people can chat at the same time, or you can start or join a channel to send out or receive notifications. Each communication is basically like a text message too, so it’s not complicated at all. Communicate with friends and family or use it for school projects, or also informational currency trading groups. I am able to share as many pictures as possible, with as many people as possible. This allows me to share valuable photos between me and my family. I can share PowerPoint slides, problems, and reviews between my classmates. I am also able to discuss and provide pictures of currency charts all within these group chats, without the worry of my information being out there. This app is very secure and I haven’t had issues with any of my information being in jeopardy.

Telegram messenger allows you to create large groups, therefore you won’t have to worry about the app crashing, due to a high volume contact group. Inside the app, you can link your contact list to the telegram app. This then makes it easy to find friends and family members that already associate with the app. They also allow you to make phone calls to people who have the app, which is another one of the fast and efficient ways to communicate with others. You can access you’re your telegram app from your phone, tablet, and even your computer, all at the same time due to its cloud-based system.

Features of the App

  • Message Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Channel Notifications
  • Call Function
  • Contact List


  • Communication Diversity
  • Large Group Chats
  • Securely Encrypted
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Devices Flexibility


  • Cluttered
  • Notification Complication
  • Archive Chat Bug Error
  • Limited touch Features

As you can see, telegram is an amazing and very useful app. You can share information and get in contact with others from all around the world. I strongly recommend that you download telegram, especially if you are looking for an app that places both large and small groups of people together. All of these features in this app allow you to take advantage of the communication between all groups of people, whether it’s for family, school, or other group activities. This app’s security is encrypted with top-notch tools to help provide the safety that the customer needs. This allows customers to feel safe and secure when they are sending out personal information to each other. I’ve had this app for over a couple of years and it proves to be one of the best group chat apps out there still today.


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