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TeamViewer Full Description

RemoteViewer is a free app that lets you connect remotely through the Internet and into a device such as your desktop at home while you are on the road. If you download the TeamViewer app, it works for just about any computer, including Mac, Windows or even Linux. The service is so popular that over a billion devices make use of it throughout the planet. It’s a highly interactive app where you can control just about every aspect of the device that you’re remoting into from afar. You can see everything you’d be able to see if you were actually sitting in front of it. Downloading the TeamViewer app is the best way to make sure you still have access to your computer at home even if you can’t be there. It’s also relatively easy to set up, which is an advantage for the less technically minded.

TeamViewer Features

  • High Degree of Encryption-If you’re going to be connecting to your home computer remotely, you’re definitely going to want to make sure no one else can listen in on you. Fortunately, this app uses the 256 Bit AES security which is military grade. It also uses the 2048 Bit RSA option.
  • Make Use of Webcams-You can see what’s going on near your device in many cases by accessing the webcam on whatever you’re operating remotely. This means that this app can also double as a kind of security device.
  • High Definition-You’ll get video streaming from the device for both sound and video right in real-time.

App Pros

  • Easy to Use-The app is highly intuitive and set up. You only have a few things to enter to get it going, and then an easy login after that.
  • Free Personal License – You’re actually using a highly professional app here. It’s designed for corporate use. However, you have the advantage of getting it for free as long as you’re using it for personal reasons. The company is generous that way.
  • Flexible Use-You can use the app on many different devices, so you aren’t limited in that way at all.
  • Speed-Many remote apps can take forever to connect but this one is highly speedy and smooth. The speed also affects the video quality which is excellent.

App Cons

  • Expensive for Corporate Use-If you’re going to use it in a business, then you have to buy a license. This is only for corporate or business use, however, the free version is completely free.

Why Should I Download the App?

This app is chock full of features and it’s easily one of the best remote access apps that you’ll find anywhere online. Combined with this is the fact that it’s completely free for personal use, and that’s a lot of power you get without having to pay for it at all. It’s pretty hard to beat this in terms of a total package, especially since you can have multiple connects all with different operating systems.


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