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Mobile App Review for Tango – Live Video Broadcasts

Because of rising popularity, the Tango Video App has created an innovative platform that allows users to connect with people across the world visually in real-time. This app also offers free voice calling for those who desire another service to communicate through. The Tango Video App uses a Wi-Fi connection to complete calls. This allows consumers to use many devices to communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues. By creating an account after downloading the Tango app, users find it simple and easy to use their phone’s saved numbers, email addresses, and names. The Tango software works much like the integrated software on your phone that allows you to make calls through the system where there will be a record and call log of any calls made through the app along with times and dates that the calls were made.

Features of the App

  • Use the app in 17 different languages including English, Spanish, as well as Arabic.
  • Live broadcasting and live streaming to the world.
  • Over 400 million users across the world with a growing community daily.
  • There’s location sharing as well as the ability to deactivate the sharing of your location.
  • It works with an active Wi-Fi connection across any available network.


  • User accounts that are found to be invalid, underage, or fraudulent are removed from use after being discovered.
  • There are opportunities available for live streamers to make money by simply using Tango Live.
  • This app allows for users to be able to become a VIP and gain special status through completing certain tasks.


  • Sometimes unable to connect even with a secure Wi-Fi connection
  • There’s a constant need for bug fixes and updates in order to keep the app running at peak performance.
  • Users have noted that when they make in-app purchases they have seen a delay in receiving their purchase.

Having a smartphone that makes video calls was a huge and very innovative creation in recent years. It is very difficult to imagine the world without it now. Having this option makes connecting with people of who you do not see often or have not seen in a while a snap. My grandmother does not have the same phone that I have, but by downloading the Tango App, we are now able to speak on a regular basis and my children are able to have a great relationship with an 80-year-old lady halfway across the country. Isn’t technology great? This addition will surely bring anyone close to you. Be sure to take advantage of this great app, by downloading right away and start talking face-to-face with people who are not just an arm’s reach away from.


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