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A European company based out of Sweden this app is a great option for anyone who loves to listen to media with their ears. Because the app is a streaming service for videos, music, podcasts that allow me to access content from everywhere in the whole world, it makes tuning in to my favorite artists and programs that much easier. I have three different options when looking to use the app: the free option that incorporates ads, student option which is at a cheaper price, and the Spotify Premium option which eliminates ads and allows me to compile playlists and save them onto my device for offline listening.

App Features

  • Spotify radio
  • View lyrics
  • Podcasts
  • Your library
  • Play queue and history
  • Local files
  • Daily mix
  • Download music and podcasts
  • Shuffle play
  • Videos

Pros And Cons

Pros of using Spotify premium or Spotify student would be that I can listen to virtually almost any music or audio in the whole world without advertisements and on-demand. Downloading for offline use is also very convenient. Spotify radio also plays songs or programs that are similar to those that you normally listen to. Easily store all of your favorite content in one place, and access it from any device while logged in. The Daily Mix feature also gives you more of what you want including songs you’ve never heard before.

The cons of the app would be the fact that I have to pay monthly for a subscription when using Spotify student and Spotify premium. If I don’t subscribe monthly I will have to deal with annoying ads that come on between songs or programs that may cause frustration or inconvenience to me. Another con is that if I don’t have an internet connection I may not have access to the content that I want to listen to.


I would recommend installing this app because it makes life just a little bit more enjoyable. There’s also no obligation to pay, therefore, no risk to download. You can share your music with friends and family on the app as well. Listening to your favorite albums and programs has never been this easy. Download Spotify today and tune in to your favorite songs, artists, playlists, and much more!


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