What to Know about the Skype Mobile App

With the skype app download to your cell phone or personal tablet, you will discover that making a phone call for literally $2.99 overseas is a good deal. The application is sophisticated in that you can make voice calls right from your smartphone and save on its minutes. This app has been around for years where people have used it on old cell phones with no service. The application only needs WiFi to work. It operates perfect for those who might be in an emergency and their signal is low, but the wifi is strong in that area. The calls are clear and crisp when listening to the other person on the line. You have the opportunity to send instant messages or video messages as well.

Features of Skype

  • Users can send SMS messages
  • You have video call capability from all over the world
  • Voice calls for the United States and International
  • Users can send emojis or images in their chat sessions
  • Works with either PC or Mac devices
  • Share photos from your phone and your computer
  • Available for use on tablets, phones or desktops

skype app download screenshots of mobile device

Pros of the Skype App Download

  • Simple navigation through the entire application
  • Calls are free
  • Subscription landline calls for the entire U.S. starts at a low $2.99
  • Call international with ease and clear hearing
  • VoIP holds up when it comes to this kind of call system
  • Can send web links to friends and family
  • There is an option for a skype for business download.

Cons of the Skype App Download

  • Conversations will stop when a normal call comes through the phone
  • Audio issues
  • Security issues can interrupt a good call experience
  • Reports of a lot of bugs in software
  • You can only sign in using the Microsoft software
  • Updates need to be more frequent

When you get the skype download you will notice the interface with its user-friendly keypad. The skype app gives you an option to buy credits instead of a subscription for either the United States or Internationally. For those wishing to message friends, they can also add in funny emoji’s or pictures. Further, if they want to share a website link, then all they need to do is copy and past it in. The Skype app is known to run on a VoIP and it’s impressive. There are reports that the clarity in all calls is no different, if not better than, regular cell phones when using the skype app.

There is a skype for business download which helps a lot of entrepreneurs and company owners when they need to conduct a conference call. Those joining on the call must have an account to use the skype app. The application is awesome for a family wanting to connect and see each other in different countries. Many have used the application to see newborn babies or relatives they haven’t see in years. Several users are grateful for this feature that can literally change lives. All things considered, the application is one of the best voice call alternatives to use if you are not a frequent cell phone user or owner.


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