Overview of the Sephora App

The Sephora app makes shopping for your favorite beauty items simple and easy. When you open the app to the Home page, you are able to see the new arrivals, trending items, exclusive deals, and more. On the Shop page, you can browse the entire store narrowing your search by numerous categories. You can shop the sales and special offers tab for the best deals. The rewards tab will show you the latest rewards available. Updates to the rewards list also happen twice a week.

If you prefer to shop in person, however, you can look for the nearest Sephora store using the Stores page. This page will tell you what services, classes, as well as events that each store has coming up. You can book a makeover, a facial, or even a confidence class. If you find yourself in a Sephora on an unplanned visit, you can access the app’s Store Mode. Using this feature, you can see what the store has in stock as well as what events they have going on. The Inspire page offers bonuses like buying guides, virtual assistants, and a large beauty community for you to connect with.

App Features

  • Voice search
  • Early app access to new items
  • Color IQ for personalized shopping
  • Location-specific searching
  • Apple Pay option
  • Access to Sephora card through your Apple Wallet

The Good vs. The Bad


  • Simple, organized shopping wherever you are
  • Access to all in-store options without being in store
  • Easier to keep up with what’s new
  • Able to see what you have previously purchased before in order to make sure you are buying the correct items next time


  • Not able to physically swatch or try on products
  • Color recommendations not always accurate due to variations in skin tones
  • Not all products are visible (such as different shades)

Bottom Line

As you can tell there are no extreme negatives to expect when downloading Sephora. The app is updated and enhanced on a regular basis. The few issues that may arise are fixed by the support team promptly. So, there’s no need to worry. The real beauty of shopping with Sephora is that the more you spend the more you will earn in free items. It doesn’t get much better than free rewards! If you are a lover of all things beauty and you enjoy the convenience of accessing your favorite products at your fingertips, then the only thing left to do is to download Sephora and shop until you drop!


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