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Once you download Penup and open it, you will be directed to signup to participate within the artist’s community that is available within the app. On the main page, you can discover pieces of art that have been created using the drawing feature in Penup. if you want to create a drawing, there is a plus icon near the bottom right-hand side of the screen where you can access drafts, pictures from your gallery, an option to create a photo drawing and the option to create a drawing from scratch.

Not only can you create a drawing from imagination but you can also select an array of different photos from the coloring tab and begin coloring like you would in a coloring book. Within the coloring tab on the bottom of the screen in the main menu, you can color all sorts of different pictures that are included in the app. They even have seasonal colorings pages for different times of the year.

There is also the option to create live drawings that allows you to record your screen while drawing. This allows you to then share your art with the community within the app.

One of the last features includes challenges that you can participate in. These drawing challenges range from drawing landmarks to themes that involve coffee shops. Challenges are drawing events you can participate in if you want to draw based on a theme that is offered.

Penup App Features

  • Discover new drawings that have been created by other artist’s on the home page
  • Color different images with their coloring category
  • Record, draw, then share your creations with live drawing
  • Participate in drawing challenges
  • Search for different drawings with their search tool


  • It is an online community application that allows you to share and participate in events
  • Lots of artists and art that participate online
  • The drawing tools are easy to use


  • The drawing tools are simple and that may bother people who like more complex art tools

Downloading Penup as a tool to have as an app on a phone if you’re someone who not only loves to create drawings but also participate in a community of people who are like-minded and also love to draw. Since this not only a drawing application but also a community of artists, it makes drawing on your mobile phone a more memorable and shared experience. If you are someone that loves to draw, even on the go, Penup is the perfect tool for you.

You can download this free drawing app on Android or iOS devices today to start your next work of art!


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