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You will be pleased with how PayPal keeps your financial information safe by watching each one of your transactions with its free monitoring service, fraud protection, up-to-date secure encryption technology, fingerprint and two-factor authentication for safety. You can send money to family and friends simply and there is no transaction fee. When you send the money it will come out of your bank account or your PayPal balance. If you would like to shop online and they accept the PayPal app at check out, you are able to make a safe and secure transaction.

You can also save your credit card and use your credit card or bank account. If you are sending money to someone that you don’t know you will be protected by the purchase protection policy that they have to offer. If you already don’t have an account it is very easy to set up and all you will need is your email address. There is no charge or fee for opening up the account either online or through the app.

Discover The Features Of The App

  • Works on all types of devices and operating systems and allows you to accept all forms of payment using your mobile device
  • Register your cards so you can use them for online checkouts and payments
  • Customized options to send invoices
  • Bill me later options
  • Express checkout
  • Inventory tracking
  • Hassle-free of user name and password and all you need is your fingerprint

The Pros And Cons Of The App

  • All you need is a bank account to shop online even if you don’t have a credit card
  • It is appealing because it is free to use
  • The seller will receive the payment instantly instead of having to cash a check and wait for it to clear through the bank
  • It offers a seller protection policy to cover losses for products lost or damaged during the shipment process
  • If you sell merchandise they can hold the payment up to 21 days for access to the money. This usually happens if you just created the account or have not had a lot of action in your account
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate in the account


Why download PayPal? You can manage your money from your phone while you are on the go. It is free and safe to download to Androids, iPhones and other devices. It’s a very nice app that makes it simple to send money, requests money, makes purchases, manages credit and you can easily keep track of each transaction that you make. Go and download PayPal today!


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