Why You Should Download the Netflix App

Netflix is an online streaming service that allows its customers to access a diverse variety of movies, TV series and documentaries whether from a smartphone, tablet or computer. As the entertainment market has evolved, many companies have taken advantage of the new technologies in similar fashion. One way you can take advantage of the market is to be sure to download the Netflix app.

This app works with a monthly subscription. To use it, after downloading the Netflix app, you need to register, make an account and get the monthly membership that best suits you.

Monthly Membership Options:

  • Basic- To watch on one screen at a time in standard definition
  • Standard- To watch in 2 screens at a time in HD
  • Premium- To watch in 4 screens at a time in HD/Ultra HD 4K

Features of the App

  • Create an individual profile for every viewer
  • Allows you to change the app language
  • Search by title, type or category
  • Includes data saving mode
  • Adjustable video quality

download netflix app menu screen

With all these features it gets tempting to download the Netflix app.  If you own a tablet and are a first time user, you might want to see the pros of getting it:

Pros of Downloading Netflix App

  •  The first month of subscription is free
  •  They track your activity to suggest titles that you might enjoy
  •  Lets you make an individual profile, so your app suggestions will not be affected by another user
  •  They are always renewing their content, so you will always have something new to watch
  •  You can download movies to be able to watch them offline
  •  The app has a kids profile, so you don’t need to worry about what the little ones are watching

Cons of Downloading Netflix App

  • If you forget to download your content, you will not be able to use the app to watch it offline
  • The app doesn’t include a feature to protect your profile, so other users are still able to use it. Make sure to instruct other users to use their profiles.

Without a doubt, no matter how much time passes by or how technology evolves, entertainment will always be an important aspect of our lives. Being able to play any movie or tv series with just the push of a button right on our couch is a great advantage, that is if you have Netflix. To that great thing, add the fact that you get one month to watch as much as you can completely free just for subscribing. Now that’s a deal. Evidently, there is no way that you would like to let that pass by. I didn’t.


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