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The monster jobs app is a unique location-based job finding app that is tailored to the millennial generation. Have you ever heard of a site called Tinder? If so, this app is like the Tinder of job searching. The discover tab is where all the magic happens. This app gives you the ability to enter your desired location of work. Once that is entered, the app will give you a list of jobs that are available nearby. Then you have the ability to either swipe right on the job to apply, swipe left on the job to pass, or swipe down on the job to save it for later. There is also a search engine tab that allows you to search for jobs that you are specifically looking for.

This app keeps track of all the jobs that you have saved and applied for. That way, you will be able to go back and apply for the jobs that you weren’t ready for at the time. The profile portion of this app is used to enhance your exposure, and to get businesses your information, such as uploading your resume, uploading a professional profile picture, and updating your job preferences.

Features of the App

  • Discover Tab
  • Swipe Right, Swipe Left, & Also Down for Jobs
  • Monster Job Search Engine
  • Applied & Saved Jobs Tab
  • Profile Settings


  • Job Swiping Abilities
  • Ability to Save Jobs for Later
  • Customizing Own Profile
  • Ability to Search for Own Job Preference
  • Easy to Use


  • Lack of Quality Jobs
  • Some Locations are Unavailable
  • Hard to Access Messages on App
  • Limited Filter List
  • Difficulty Uploading Resume

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the monster jobs app is a great tool for finding jobs in a quick way. You should download the monster jobs app because it is a fun easy way to get you an interview with hiring managers in an efficient manner. The monster jobs app uses the demographics in your desired location to help you find a job that best fits you. They also incorporate different techniques, such as the swiping left, right, and down tool to draw in the eyes of the younger aged people, because we are most familiar with the swiping functions of the Tinder app.

The monster job search function is also a great tool to help you find jobs in your area. They allow you to filter your job search by job type, radius, and minimum salary. With these three filters, it automatically tosses out any jobs that would fit your requirements. Having the ability to save jobs and go back in to apply is also a great function. This way, if you see a job you like, but aren’t 100% sure you want to apply for it, you can save it and apply whenever you’re ready. One of the most valuable functions in this app is the ability to customize your profile. Without a proper resume and professional profile picture, some businesses won’t even consider your application.


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