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Mobile Review for Microsoft Word Download App

When it comes to content writing, we surely find the best way to do an impeccable work trying not to take so much of our precious time. One effective way to perform at the best is by using a word processing tool. And I bet that the first thing that comes into your mind when I mention a word processor is Microsoft Word download app.

Microsoft Word is a word processing software that has been on the market since 1989. It is the most complete tool for composing, hence the most used around the world. You don’t need to do exhaustive research to prove that statement. Just try to thing in another word processing tool. I know for sure that no other one will come to your mind.

In the past, one had to sit in front of a Pc to use it, but with the modern revolution and app has been launched. Microsoft Word download is free, and you can get it either on the PlayStore or the AppStore.

With Word Mobile App download, you will have the advantage of having your office at the reach of your hand 24/7 anywhere you are.

Features of the App

  • Change languages, so you will be able to write in any language and still be able to run a spellcheck
  • Edit as you please by showing comments and making search and replacement
  • Add elements such as charts, images, shapes, hyperlinks, bullet lists, number lists and more
  • Make orthographic corrections and show word count
  • Print documents directly from the app
  • Save your documents on Drive and online
  • Form collaborations by inviting others to view and edit your documents
  • Share your documents by e-mail

microsoft word download app home tab


Pros of Word

  • Word download is free
  • Similar to the PC version
  • Work anywhere without the need for an office desk
  • Includes templates to guide you on how documents should be redacted
  • Contains most of the features of the PC software
  • You don’t need mobile data to use it

Cons of Word

  • With this Word download, you will not be able to add smart objects
  • Can’t save documents on PDF
  • Does not allows to publish a blog directly from the app
    *** However, these tasks are more comfortable to do on a bigger screen (PC or Laptop)

I made the test with the app. I performed a Word download and was amazed. The home page is almost identical to the PC version. It provides several template options or you can simply start from scratch with a blank document. When writing, I was able to change the font style or color, highlight the text, add charts, pictures, links, bullet lists and many more.

We are always looking for gadgets and apps that help us improve our performance and reduce the time that we spend on our tasks. For this reason, when it comes to and app that eases our work on composing written material, I bet the first thing that comes to your mind would be to do a Word download.


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