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Mobile App Review for Karaoke – Sing Unlimited Songs

This mobile app was sufficiently developed by a music company called Yokee. Yokee is popularly known for allowing new talents to admirably express their singing voice to their favorite songs. New talents will be able to share their recorded karaoke songs with other talented singers. Everybody will also be able to listen to each other’s karaoke songs. When it comes to this specific mobile app, over 90 million new talents use this mobile app every single day.

You can start recording your own version of any available song in the mobile app. You can change the sound effects to either your voice or the music itself. While you are recording your karaoke song, you can create a video theme that would make the song appear to be more presentable to everyone else. Every though everyone can download Karaoke Sing Unlimited Songs for free, there is a V subscription that is offered to everyone. This is a premium subscription, however, where you will gain unlimited access to the mobile app’s V.I.P. list. All payment methods can be made weekly, monthly, or annually and can be canceled after the active subscription is over.

Cool Features

  • Sing Like A Celebrity.
  • Includes Ten In-App Purchases.
  • Vote For The Best Sing-Along Songs.
  • New Free Songs Every Day.
  • Connect With Other Mobile App Members.
  • Songs Are Also Available In Multiple Languages.
  • Sing-Along To Many Songs As Well As Music Videos.
  • Share Your Completed Karaoke Song To Everyone
  • Take Time To Listen To Your Friends’ Karaoke Songs.
  • Record Your Own Version To Multiple One Hit Wonders.


  • Great App For Beginners
  • Fun Remote Karaoke Parties
  • Supports 21 Different Languages
  • Background Music Is Right On Point
  • So Many Music Genres To Choose From
  • A Great List Of Free Songs To Sing Too
  • Lyrics Are Accurate And Also Timed Just Right
  • Download Karaoke Sing Unlimited Songs For Free


  • Too Money Hungry
  • Lyrics And Music Lags At Times
  • App Crashes Every Now And Then
  • Hard To Record Without Headphones
  • Requires A Solid Internet Connection
  • The Voice Recording Glitches Sometimes
  • Doesn’t Connect To A Bluetooth Device Well
  • Cannot Save Recording Without V.I.P. Access
  • Apple Version Functions Better Than The Android Version

Concluding Summary

This Karaoke App by heart is a great app for those who want to start singing karaoke songs. If you voluntarily decide to properly invest in the mobile app, then you will be able to make the most out of it because the paid subscription provides many more new features than the complimentary subscription. If you decide to not pay for the V.I.P. subscription, then this mobile app would still go well for you anyway. Regardless of what active subscription you inquire, you can still sing to your favorite songs, accurately record your own version, and instantly connect with other karaoke singers.


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