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Mobile App Review for Hay Day

When you download the Hay Day app you will be given the chance to create your very own farm where you can grow crops, raise animals, and even fish off the docks! When you play Hay Day you can earn more points and sell crops quicker by connecting to social media and connecting your farm to your friends and families. To earn maximum points you can start filling orders from customers and expand your farm so you can start creating larger orders for your best farm customers.

As you play Hay Day you will start to go up in levels. The higher your farm gets, the more you can expand your property and grow more crops to have the best farm in town! Keep in mind that you must tend to your farm daily to keep your crops watered and your animals fed. Avoiding the game for too long could cause your crops to dry up and you will have to start over.


  • Expand your farm and property to grow crops and sell them to other local farmers and residents.
  • Connect to social media to share progress and receive coins and crops.
  • Create your very own town for your friends and family to visit through social media.


  • Share crops and coins with any friends that play Hay Day.
  • Trade crops with your neighbors with your own crop shop.
  • Build and repair your dock to lure the fish in.


  • This app can only be played when Wi-Fi is available.
  • In-app purchases are necessary to avoid ads.

Hay Day is an excellent game for those of you that enjoy creating towns and farms. You can also share your progress with friends and family. The game is very detailed as you will need to keep up with your farm in order to keep animals healthy and your crops watered and ready to sell. The more crops you sell will allow you to expand your town and farm so you can start completely larger orders for your customers. When you download Hay Day, you’ll notice the game is excellent for all ages and easy to play.


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