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Mobile App Review for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA Vice City was first created by Rockstar back in October of 2002 and was a highly favorite Playsation 2 game to play in the history of Playstation. By 2012, The creators were able to celebrate their 10-Year Anniversary and wanted to make sure that people were part of the celebration. So, the creators spoke with Rockstar and came up with the mobile version of the game where gamers can get to still play this classic game on their phone or tablet.

This single-player action game has a 93% review rating from several gaming publications such as IGN, GameSpy, and GameSpot. However, the review rating for the mobile version is around 78%. Regardless of the lower review rating for the mobile version, the publishers were very pleased with the enhanced graphics. The only concern they had was the touchscreen controls, which is something that Rockstar has worked to improve on since the anniversary in 2012.


  • Get The Full PS2 Gaming Experience Through Your Phone
  • Supports Eight Different Languages
  • Go Back To The 1980s With Their 1980s Radio Station
  • Play As A Popular GTA Character: Tommy Vercetti
  • Works For More Than 20 Apple and Android Devices


  • Beautiful Layout and Graphics
  • The Gameplay Is Just Like On The PS2 Console
  • Can use a USB controller
  • Save Your Game Progress With ICloud
  • Create Your Own Music Playlist With iTunes
  • Shoot Guns, Drive Cars, And Fly planes
  • Play The Main And Side Missions
  • Unlimited Gaming Time


  • Inappropriate For Kids Under 17
  • Cost $4.99 In Order To Download GTA Vice City
  • Touchscreen Controls Lag a lot
  • Game Freezes
  • Requires At Least 1.5 GB of Data Storage Space
  • Fast Battery Drainage

Why do I recommend this GTA Vice City App?

GTA has had its share of great stories in the whole series. When you download GTA Vice City, you will get to experience the same gameplay on your phone or tablet. From the main missions to the side missions, every gamer will be able to play this game no matter where they are in the world. Every gamer will still be able to walk/run, shoot guns, drive cars, fly planes, and own a lot of property just like in the actual Playstation 2 console. Rockstar did a solid job of making sure that nothing changes with the climax of the main gaming version. Many people well pleased with how they developed the mobile version. Although this game is not free to download, playing the game for countless hours makes it worth every penny.

If you are a gamer who loves to play games that are classic than this game is for you to pay for and play all day and all night!


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