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Google Play Books Description

The Google Play Books app boasts one of the largest libraries of digital books on the market. A user can find all the best sellers and titles spanning all genres available for purchase. The store also includes plenty of books for children, teens, and young adults. It uses a state of the art reading program to display the books. Users can zoom-in or zoom-out as needed. Words can be highlighted, pages can be bookmarked, and flipped with the swipe of the hand. The goal of Google has been to emulate the experience of having the book in your hand.

Google has made great strides over the years in keeping the service up to date. Changes have been made to adjust the font size, coloring, and presentation. Each of these additions has helped to further convince readers to go digital over purchasing a print book. Additionally, the company has taken extraordinary steps to minimize piracy and preserve the intellectual property of authors. The option of downloading Google Play Books has greatly helped to usher in a new generation of readers.

Features of the App

  • Easy to select a book and then begin reading right away
  • Compatible with other book formats such as EPUB and PDFs from a computer
  • Clean interface for ease of user accessibility


  • Books became more accessible to everyone no matter where they live
  • Individuals with poor vision can zoom in order to better enjoy their book
  • Easy to search an unknown word or term the reader does not know
  • Publishers offer a lower price compared to the print version


  • Eye strain and health issues from long reading sessions
  • You need to charge your device in order to use the app
  • Not possible to resell books that have been purchased

A New Age of Reading Books Begins

After centuries of readers who grew up on paper books, a new generation of readers who prefer digital publications is rising. While the feel of paper books has its nuances, the convenience of being able to instantly buy a book and read it is something that new readers increasingly desire. Whether its comic books, cookbooks, fiction, or non-fiction, digital can easily handle any kind of genre. The recent wave of updates has only expanded the usability of the google play books app to include computer documents and newspapers. Downloading Google Play Books provides users with a gateway into the future of reading.


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