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About the Hangouts Download Mobile App

Download the Google Hangouts app and use the communication service. Get in touch with others who have the Hangouts download. Family and friends can be part of the Hangouts app too. You’re able to download the app and talk for FREE. Do this via text or voice and video chat. Anyone who has Hangouts can communicate privately and one-on-one, or as a group.

How do you start the Hangouts download?
1) Go to the app store and download the Hangouts app on your device.
2) You can also go to and open the Hangouts download.
3) From your email list, select a person who uses Hangouts.
4) After you find the person you want to contact, click on their name.
5) If you want to contact multiple people, you can do so. This is called a group video chat. Click on the video call and start chatting!
6) Click on “End Call” when you’re done.

Features of Hangouts

  • Compatible with many computing devices – Digital watches, laptops, Smartphone’s, tablets and computers
  • Automatic focus – Great focused screen that’s done automatically
  • Intelligent Muting – When you push the microphone icon, it will mute your call
  • Voice chat – You’re able to make a voice call with Hangouts
  • Group conference – High definition conference with a group of people at the same time
  • Free screen sharing – From your web browser use the share button you want others to see and start a meeting
  • Instant messaging feature – You can send and receive messages, such as texts, using Hangouts.
  • Video calls – Make high definition video chats using Hangouts.

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Pros and Cons of Hangouts

  • There don’t seem to be any cons to this app after all.
  • Any user can go to Google calendar and invite or share a link during a video call.
  • There’s no need to log in and out of an account anymore.
  • Make presentations with ease using the “Google Meet” function from Hangouts. View the content from both Google Drive and Google Documents.
  • There’s even a search button for finding the conversation history of the thread. Stream live video conferences using YouTube; the feature for online seminars is called Hangouts on Air.
  • In addition, it’s convenient and cost-effective for businesses. The download is FREE and so is the communication service from Hangouts!

Why should someone download and install the Google Hangouts app?

Some of the benefits of downloading the Hangouts app are obvious. For example, communicate via conference calls and videos at an instantaneous rate online to avoid traveling away from your office space.

Due to great connectivity no matter where your colleagues are located, up to 150 participants can be in a chat room at the same time! For video calls, on the other hand, there can be up to 30 people on a single video call. Overall, this app provides a lot of opportunity for effective communication, so check it out!


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