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What to Know about the Garage Band Free Mobile App

The garage band free download gets users acquainted with this powerful software within minutes. This means you can ride the bus and privately use all features to make music. Besides that, you can also use Live Loops for your next DJ set that evening. There are various touch buttons where you can strum a guitar, press down on a piano keyboard and develop intriguing hard-hitting beats. The garage band app can turn any amateur into a professional from their phone or tablet. You will not miss a beat when writing personal songs by using all the accessories. Given that you can do this using 11 of the instruments you have access to, it’s like the equivalent of music production in your hands with the press of a few buttons. Not to mention, the sound quality is strong and matches the same output quality as your desktop computer.

Features of the Free App

  • Users can enjoy a complete music production studio on their phones.
  • The features allow for editing, capturing and mixing performances.
  • There is an 11 touch instrument list to choose from.
  • The sounds are crisps and like real instruments.
  • Users can use the Midi editing of songs.
  • Users can build personal music arrangements.
  • It allows for transitions from the installed Remix FX.
  • Users can choose from a large sound library.
  • Sound packs are available to download and customize.
  • Live Loops allow for electronic music development.

garage band free keyboard drum set and recordings


  • Music creation in the palm of your hand
  • Develop musical arrangement and tracks like a professional DJ
  • All instruments sound realistic
  • Can find an assortment of music from the Sound Library
  • Same instruments used by professionals
  • Can attach a guitar to phone with an adapter and use garage band


  • Fingers too big for the touch buttons
  • Too many ads result in distractions
  • Application crashes or freeze during music creation
  • Some touch instruments might not work when expected

Nevertheless, the garage band for android is a treat for the beginner music producer looking to create their own songs. It’s even better because this is done while riding the train or waiting for the bus. Because the garage band free app is powerful, you can create an entire album on the go! Once you make it home, you can plug in your guitar to the smartphone and start making musical arrangements like a professional.

The loops are already created inside the app giving users a lot to choose from. These loops can be edited or have effects added. While using your android phone it is possible to record a list of tracks. The resolution is an impressive 24-bit or 16-bit, and as a result, the effects are available to strengthen songs to create your own style. Users get full control when using the audio filter in the app as well.  The instruments produce studio-quality sounds with synthesizers within the software. The garage band app download is a must when wanting to develop your own music sound or list of songs in the privacy of your home. The 3d touch feature lets you use the keyboards and hit the aftertouch button to bring out a polyphonic sound.


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