Description of the Firefox Mobile App

Compared to the desktop version, Firefox download app for mobile devices is leaner and more streamlined. That’s because the app is set up for webpage navigation. For instance, the navigation buttons, unique settings, and a bookmark feature makes it easy to use. Users can manage downloads and add-ons under settings.

Features of the Firefox Download for Mobile App Include:

  • Bookmarks, search history, passwords, and preferences sync on all devices
  • There’s a “Do Not Track” option for security-minded users, previously only available on desktop
  • Ability to “reformat text on zoom,” similar to wrap text on the stock browser
  • 160 mobile add-ons

These features make the app ideal for users who prefer a smooth and good experience while browsing.


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Pros of the App

Most of the app’s features are also its pros. First, setting up “Do Not Track” is nice for users concerned with privacy and security. This function was unavailable on mobile devices until recently.

Second, the ability to sync passwords, bookmarks, history, and preferences is great for those who enjoy the same browsing experience across platforms. For example, bookmarking something on your mobile device will also bookmark the same thing on your desktop as well, and vis a vis.

In addition, the app also features a search bar with search options for Wikipedia, Twitter, Amazon, and Google.

Cons of the App

On the flip side, the app isn’t all unicorns and rainbows because there are some cons as well. For starters, the Firefox app only has about 160 add-ons, which is considered to be limited compared to other browsing apps. Browsing on mobile more than anywhere else will highlight the somewhat limited use within the browser.

Compared to its competitors, the app isn’t as fast. Studies have shown the app to be very responsive, even to the tune of hundreds of milliseconds faster than other browsing apps. Still, many user reviews claim just the opposite – that the app doesn’t feel so quick when in use.

Why You Should Download Firefox

The Firefox download benefits users in all the ways described above and more. If you’re security-minded, you will definitely want to download the app. Not only does it allow for the “Do Not Track” feature as said before, but some security experts recommend browsers like this one made by Mozilla. Also, the app doesn’t have Flash installed, which may create a problem for some users. However, this increases security levels by reducing the potential risks involved.

The bottom line is anyone who wants a smooth and secure browsing experience should download the app. Despite a few cons, many users may still enjoy the app.


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