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About the App

Merriam-Webster dictionary app is the number one trusted and most used program optimized for android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows users in the United States. Finding an online dictionary with the features you want sometimes is sometimes challenging. Merriam-Webster, however, is an app that solves every determined learner problem they experience when finding a good dictionary app. It is a free dictionary app that has support from ads. There is no internet connection necessary to view the definitions, although one must see illustrations, hear the audio pronunciation, or when using a voice search.

Merriam-Webster dictionary app comes with prerequisites you would expect from any dictionary: well-defined words with example sentences to show you how they are often used to fit the context. However, it has additional features that make it the most reliable dictionary app for students, teachers, and even ordinary people.

Each word in this dictionary comes with two definitions: a brief one and a full one, after which follows two or more sentence examples. Further support for words comes with a description of their origin, its first usage, synonyms, and some words also have their anonyms. All these things are free and accessible while offline. Besides these features, the app also includes the ‘word of the day’ and a few word games, which are quite impressive.

Features of the App

  • Updated with new and advanced vocabularies – it is easy, fast, and fun to build to learn new words or test your vocab.
  • Enhanced voices search – you can look for thesaurus or definitions of terms without typing it because you can pronounce it instead.
  • Universal app
  • Includes example sentences – there are plenty of examples to help you understand how to use certain words in context.
  • Scrolling index for tablets – you can browse the entire dictionary by swiping up or down your phone screen.
  • Daily notification of the word of the day – learn a new word each day through the regular notifications.
  • Easily retrieve search history and favorite words – it enables you to keep track of the most important content to you.
  • Integrated definitions with synonyms and antonyms also included besides the definitions.
  • Enables audio pronunciations: definitions are from a real English speaker and not from text to speech robotic machines.
  • Quick definitions – utilize the search bar to receive the meaning of different terminologies on-the-go quickly.


  • It is a free dictionary app that doesn’t charge subscriptions in order to download, install, or use.
  • The definitions have an American style pronunciation.
  • Complete thesaurus – in addition to definitions, Merriam-Webster dictionary has also synonyms and antonyms.


  • The examples sentences used may not be suitable for fresh language learners.
  • It limits you to only American pronunciations.
  • There are no grammar lessons or tests.
  • No bilingual dictionary.
  • It has complicated definitions, which are unsuitable for language learners.

Why You Should Download Merriam-Webster Dictionary App

Those who often wander off in the endless trail of links will definitely enjoy the features Webster has in place. In addition to its features, the app’s design is great and has a friendly interface, making it worth the download. Even though the app does include ads, you can remove them by purchasing the premium subscription, which also includes additional content.


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