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Mobile App Review for Credit Karma

You will have full access to your reports and scores from Equifax and TransUnion, along with useful weekly updates. Credit Karma uses your data to analyze your credit account profile and will make helpful recommendations for you that may help you save money. Everyone wants to save money right? The offers will provide value to you for debt relief and savings. To create an account is simple, just download the Credit Karma app.

Once it is installed on your device you will fill out your information to confirm your identity. Once you confirm your identity you will have access to your credit scores within minutes. The app is free and will never ask you for any type of credit or debit card information. Checking your credit on the app will also not affect your credit score like many think it will. They strive to make you feel confident about your personal finances. The app services over 100 million members currently. You will be on your way to make more informed financial decisions for you and your family.

Features of the App

  • Free Credit Monitoring. You will get credit alerts with any type of important changes on your credit reports. This helps to spot identity theft quickly so that you can report it right away
  • Tools and Education Resources are right at your fingertips by providing financial calculators
  • Educational articles are available to assist you so that you can better understand how credit works and what it’s all about

The Pros And Cons

  • The app is free to anyone who wishes to utilize the app
  • Credit Karma is always monitoring for identity theft 24/7
  • It does not offer advanced credit monitoring services like other companies do for a monthly charge
  • They do not provide your FICO score and that is what creditors look at when you are looking to borrow or take out a loan
  • Promotions are sent via email with advertising deals and that is how the company makes their money, allowing the service to be free to everyone


The Credit Karma app is only one of the few companies out there that legitimately offers free credit reports online. No credit card information is required in order to create an account. The 24/7 identify theft provided at no additional charge is also a very nice benefit to take advantage of. Rest assured, you can carry on about your day and you will be notified of any changes and always get weekly updated reports for your account.


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