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About the Canon Selphy Download

The Canon Selphy printer app is capable of giving its users a new way to get their photos into their hands.  With a few clicks, one can print out one of their many images stored on their phone or tablet.  All you need to do is connect your mobile device by WIFI and sift through the photos you want to print.  Once you find the images you want, simply hit print and the Canon Selphy goes to work.  Additionally, the speed and efficiency of the Canon Selphy download will have your photos printed in no time!

The great thing about the Canon Selphy printer app is that this entire function can be down anywhere there is WiFi and an outlet.  As a result, your photographs will appear in perfect condition with great quality no matter where you are.  For instance, with the Canon Selphy download, you can travel or simply be on the road for business and still have access to your photos.  You get the wonderful opportunity of printing out all photos you’ve snapped and had them in your fingers to place in albums or do some scrapbooking.

Features of App

  • It can create image layouts when using the Selphy app.
  • The app has impressive printing capabilities.
  • It can save print history.
  • The application works with Android and Apple phones.
  • The app will print in photo formats that include PNG and JPEP.
  • Users can bookmark all layouts.
  • The Canon Selphy supports paper sizes such as cards, postcards, and L (3R) sizes.


Canon Selphy download printing photos


Pros of Selphy

  • You can print photos anywhere
  • Highly convenient when traveling
  • Can print to a 4×6 sheet for multiple photos
  • The photo quality is impressive
  • The app syncs to any Android, iPhone or tablet

Cons of Selphy

  • Margins can seem a bit off
  • Doesn’t work so well with Google Photos
  • Selecting photos can be frustrating
  • Uses a lot of ink when printing because of higher quality
  • Difficult in selecting specific folders to get pictures

The Canon Selphy download is a must for anyone who wants their old or new photos in their hands.  Users can do this as the app syncs up to the printer and allows you to select a list of photos to print.  You’ll find that all photos can be in the professional formatting of either a JPG or a PNG.   This application is awesome for those who have wanted to have access to their physical photos instead of clogging up their computers and hard drives.  All you need is WiFi when setting up your phone to the canon printer.  The setup is simple as you select the WiFi passcode from the printer on your phone.  Next, head over to your photos and find which ones you want to print out.

From there, you will see the print button that you can tap, and the Selphy printer appears for you to select.  You can choose multiple copies and if you desire those to be in black or white or color.  This happens in a matter of minutes and all you need to do is wait a few seconds to have the photos you selected in your hands.


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