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About Candy Crush Saga Download 

In order to succeed at a single level of Candy Crush Saga download, you have to continuously match three candies in a row until you complete the task for that level. Conquering the game’s levels come along with a few types of tasks. For example, a level may require you to achieve a set amount of points within a certain number of moves. If you use all the moves before reaching the required score, then you’ll lose the level. Clearing out the jelly is another task that involves removing blocks from the game board within a set number of moves. Collecting ingredients requires players to bring a set number of cherries and hazelnuts to the bottom of the board within the given amount of moves.

Collecting candy orders is an objective that involves matching a certain number of candy colors or special candies. Match four or five candies in a row in order to achieve special candies. Matching four candies makes striped candy and matching five candies makes color bombs. Wrapped candies are a special candy made by connecting the same candies in an L or T formation. Mixed-mode levels may require any combination of the previous tasks, therefore, increasing the difficulty. Candy Crush Saga allows a maximum amount of five lives to be held at a time. Losing or quitting levels results in loss of lives. A lost life will return after 30 minutes.

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Earn boosters throughout the game to help make levels easier when you get stuck. You can obtain them from passing a certain number of levels, by spinning the daily booster wheel, or from friends. Some of the common boosters include the lollipop hammer, jellyfish, coconut wheel, free switch, and +5 moves booster. It’s best to save your boosters for more difficult levels.

Features of Candy Crush

  • Players can rank in the leaderboards which allows you to keep up with your friends and random competitors.
  • Play over 5000 levels in the game with new levels added routinely.
  • Weekly updates bring new elements to keep players entertained.
  • Players can purchase lives and boosters to help reach new levels.

Candy Crush will always have more levels to play. Once you start playing it can get very addictive. Next thing you know, you’ve made it in the Candy Crush Saga app 720 levels deep without even noticing. Candy Crush helps reduce stress and winning levels can feel quite rewarding. It also has the added benefit of improving your problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, the Candy Crush Saga app 720 levels could make you realize you should be spending your time more productively. Some people delete the game after obsessively playing for a week straight. Although, many of them can’t resist the game for long.

The original Candy Crush Saga has other download options that are slight variations. If you like puzzle games you’ll likely enjoy all of them.


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