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The Amazon Kindle app is for the avid book reader who is constantly looking for the next read. The application allows you to search millions of titles and subject of some of the most popular authors on the market. Users get all of this for a mere $9.99 a month.

What to Know About the Amazon Kindle App for Android


The Amazon Kindle app for Android is well known in the literary community and provides users with thousands of book titles they can read on the spot. Basically, it takes over where your regular library has left off by getting you the books you want to read within minutes. Of course, this can be done on any Android smartphone no matter where you are located. With this in mind, access to popular books will eliminate the need to wait in line for the next trending book. You can download the amazon kindle while you are walking, waiting for the bus or lying in bed.

Furthermore, the amazon kindle app for android is made for those who love to read and want a simple download process. Not only does the app come with books, but it also loaded with comics, magazines, and newspapers. In this case, all you have to do is click on the button to download that particular piece of literature and it goes to your phone in minutes.


  • All downloaded books are with Amazon Prime
  • Receive daily deals on the Kindle catalog
  • New books added daily
  • Users can download to their android phone or tablet
  • Customize all texts for anything you download
  • Can search on words, names or places inside each piece
  • Tracks all progress of reading
  • Bookmark any book to keep your place
  • Zoom in on high definition pictures
  • Syncing capabilities to all devices you are using
amazon kindle app for android

Pros of the Kindle App

  • No longer have to carry bulky books around
  • Thousands of pages to read right at your fingertips
  • Book samples give users a chance to determine if it’s for them
  • Stability in the e-reader application
  • The search feature allows for extended education
  • The Kindle app is very inexpensive

Cons of the Kindle App

  • Notifications don’t see to turn off
  • Some books won’t open
  • Recording issues with books read offline
  • Application has a tendency to crash
  • Privacy concerns regarding passwords
  • Constant requests for you to re-login
  • Downloaded books can disappear

By all means, the Amazon Kindle app for Android is a powerful tool giving readers a new alternative to heading to the library. It offers thousands of titles of the newest books on the market, as well as, well-known authors and best sellers for the current year. Additionally, the app gives you a chance to get a taste for the content and the authors writing by downloading only a sample. This is particularly convenient for those not looking to read an entire novel only to realize they don’t like it.

Users may download the Amazon app for android to a personal phone or tablet in order to gain its easy to understand and navigatable interface. Once you’ve downloaded either a book or magazine, you can zoom into a word or a name to get further information. Your entire collection of books is within reach on your phone. Further, one can use the lookup tool to find out the meaning of words through the X-Ray, instant translations and links to Wikipedia. Worry no more about losing your spot flipping through pages. Kindle’s automatic tracking feature lets you pick up where you left off. The bookmark feature will appropriately save your place in your favorite book.


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