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The Amazon Alexa app works with all your devices related to any connected Alexa device.  From here, users can listen to their favorite music, get needed updates and develop a list for shopping.  You can download this mobile application from Google Play or Apple to devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

What to Know About the Amazon Alexa Mobile App

The Amazon Alexa App offers everyone the capability to control their Echo devices to their complete ability. Users can set up features personalized to their own and family’s tastes.  You also receive new recommendations of what Alexa can do for its own skills.  Further, the Alexa amazon com free app download finds the last place you were in your feed. This means you can go back to what you were creating whether it be a long shopping list for dinner, books you’ve may have read or music you might have played of your favorite song.   The Amazon Alexa App lets you get organized by managing all devices with an automatic status check.  This includes any locks, smart lights or thermostats you might have in your home.  Users can do all of this while they’re away from the house.

Features of the App

  • Connects all Alexa devices you are using.
  • Check status will appear for all devices once you’ve finished the setup.
  • Users can customize routines for any home smart device.
  • Connection syncs all services such as Tunein, Amazon Music and more.
  • Users can design fun speaker groups in various rooms when listening to music.
  • You can organize a perfect day as you view all lists for shopping and running errands.
  • Updates come to your phone regarding the weather and the news.
  • Drop-in connects you to all Echo devices.


amazon alexa app mobile screen menus


Pros of Alexa

  • Helps the visually impaired and those with disabilities with hands-free capabilities
  • No music interruptions from commercials
  • Can personalize song for alarms
  • Acts as a virtual servant to your entire home
  • Controls your house lights
  • Games are available to play
  • Voice assistant helpful

Cons of Alexa

  • Issues with setting up motion detector and ring doorbell
  • Application crashes, slow or freezes
  • Voice assistant does not recognize some words
  • Book audio issues are short to play
  • Issues with connecting to certain phones

When using the Alexa amazon com free app download, you will learn how easy it integrates with your home devices. The Amazon Alexa mobile application lets you continue building shopping lists and listening to your favorite music at the same time. It allows management and control of all devices right from your phone. This is handy as you have the power from your phone or tablet device in your hand, no matter where you’re located. You can see all the books, alarms set and timers. The Amazon Alexa is a great download for those wanting to have more control of their Echo devices using the feature to personalize it for you or your family.

The application’s interface is easy to comprehend, therefore, the navigation from one feature to the next is seamless. Users will discover the Drop-in feature acts as a sophisticated intercom for two-way communications. There is also no fee when you want to send a message or call any device enabled by Alexa. From time to time users can have fun creating groups of speakers that blast your best tunes in several rooms at one time. The Amazon Alexa is without a doubt worth the time to download to your mobile devices and see for yourself.


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